Joona Kiss - Your baby is in safe hands!

Childhood is messy business. We know and we are here to help with our multi purpose Joona Kiss sanitizing water. It can be used pretty much anytime, anywhere to keep germs, bad smell and messes at bay!
  • Spray to sanitize masks, utensils, pacifiers, bottles, toys, clothes, and other baby items.
  • Spray to disinfect and deodorize household items (such as sofas, beddings, and tables etc) and car interior (including baby car seats).
  • Spray on hands and body parts, baby bottoms to effectively sanitize, disinfect and sooth.
  • Spray in the air or directly onto the surfaces to deodorize organic smells such as food, sweat, urine, and vomit smells.
Joona Kiss - Your baby is in safe hands!