UVGREEN KA350 Air Purifier

Product Description

Antibacterial Air Purifier UVGREEN KA350 35m2, UVC LED Technology, HEPA H13 Filter, Cleans 99.97% Fine Dust, Pet Hair


Warranty Duration: 24 Months

Warranty Type: Supplier Warranty

Air Purifier Features: Anti-Allergy, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Odor, Anti-virus, Air Purifier

Weight: 2.96kg

Air Purifier Filtration Type: HEPA H13, Ultraviolet UVC LED

Noise Level: 25dB

Room Size: 35m2

Input Voltage: 220V

Power Consumption: 25W

Air Flow: 150m³/h

Dimension (L x W x H): 21.8 x 21.8 x 34cm



  • To protect and improve people’s health, UVGREEN elevates the value of household products based on our modern UVC sterilization technology, eliminating viruses and bacteria, and bringing consumers a green, clean, and peaceful living space.
  • UVGREEN's competitive advantage is firmly established based on our world's leading germicidal technology from the USA, combined with a full set of necessary features. All sum up a unique set of values and optimal experiences for our customers.

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