Maikalu Large Non-woven fabric Medical Disinfectant Wipes 200 x220mm

• FDA registered in USA; ISO 13485 certified
• Maikalu Medical Wipes removes more than 99.9% of germs including bacterial and virus in JUST 15 seconds
• Strong Disinfectant containing Ethanol, Phenoxyethanol, Benzylamine
• Non-woven fabric impregnated disinfectant, it can be applied on any medical precision instrument
• Can be used for handphone, Pad, PC, kitchenware and toilet ware
• Large size 200x220mm which can clean up to 2 m2 surface/sheet
• Re-sealable Wipes, Multi-Purpose Wipes, Anti-bacterial and Anti-virus wipes
• Wiping your hands on the go  
  - Before / after eating. For outdoor activities  
  - Before / after using the toilet  
  - At hospital, offices and schools
  - In the car of while traveling

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