Hana Pet

Hana Pet Waterless Bubble Shampoo - Lavender Scent

HANA PET Waterless Bubble Shampoo is now in Singapore
Keep your pet clean, anytime, anywhere.

Waterless Bubble Shampoo is the best way to keep your pets clean and smelling great without water!
  • Simply massage the foam into fur and towel dry.
  • It is the only product that contains high-end cosmetic grade peptide to keep the fur silky and shiny.
  • The mini version comes with a removable silicone brush for easy paw cleaning.
  • Our products offer one of the favourite scents in the market and won’t make the fur sticky.

WBS comes in 4 varieties:
-Waterless Bubble Shampoo Lavender (320ml)
-Waterless Bubble Shampoo Baby Powder (320ml)
-Waterless Bubble Shampoo Mini Lavender (130ml)
-Waterless Bubble Shampoo Mini Baby Powder (130ml)

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